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Thread: How to share files on network on Windows 8

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    How to share files on network on Windows 8

    I need some help here to share some files on Windows 8. I am not able to find out information on the same. I had tried to check out some videos but it looks a bit different. The first issue that I am facing is a password lock on the network sharing center. The file is locked and I am able to access it. While in windows 7 it is much easier to manage file sharing. In that there is never a password problem.

    Can anyone guide me to get file sharing work on Windows 8? I am sure there is an easy way to do that.

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    Dec 2011

    Re: How to share files on network on Windows 8

    It is same like Windows 7. There is nothing different. The problem of password that y0ou rae facing is due to private network. You have to put your all settings back on the public settings so that you can get every file without any kind of encryption or password. It is not at all complicated to configure the same.

    Sometime there are problem that lies with file permission. You will need to right click on the file properties and modify the sharing permission and it will work. There will be no issue related to that.

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    Re: How to share files on network on Windows 8

    Yes you can do one thing. Just right click on the file or folder and click on properties. Later on you can simply choose the share column. Click on share and then add the folder for sharing. You will need to turn on network discovery before that. Or else the pc and folder both will be not visible at all. Once network discovery is on you will be able to see other shared files only. File sharing is not at all different. All you need is proper settings and then it will be working well.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: How to share files on network on Windows 8

    You can be with configuration of sharing settings first and then go with the required settings. Before going for network and sharing settings one of the biggest problems that many PC are facing is not able to find themselves or other computer on a common network.

    So first thing you have to do is to configure the entire PC on a common workgroup. For network configuration click the network icon and then check out whether your system is listed on not. Once it is shared properly all files and folders will be visible and will work properly.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: How to share files on network on Windows 8

    The main problem lies with Windows file permission. That is the reason you are not able to share anything properly. Even on Windows 8 there is nothing changed in the network section? It is same as it was in Windows 7.

    You just have to right click on the file or folder and go to the sharing column. In that you can see a button called as Share. Just click on that give a folder name and add everyone under the permission list. Thatís all your folders will be visible on the network or else it will ask you for the password you have two type the login and password of your pc.

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