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Thread: Best upcoming Android Smartphones in year 2013

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    Junior Member
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    May 2012

    Best upcoming Android Smartphones in year 2013

    After releasing Google Play Store, Google gave a platform to all smart phone to provide the best touch interface and a reasonable solution for all mobile devices. Now in 2013 which mobile phone is considered as one of the best mobile? I am talking about the best models of 2012. If we are talking about budget smart phones then according to me and Samsung Galaxy young is one of the best mobile phone available. I'm not sure about any mobile phone that might be releasing for the year 2013.

    So if you talk about the technology there will be much better upgrades. So does anyone know any model available right now?

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    Re: Best upcoming Android Smartphones in year 2013

    Did you check the release of Droid, this is one of the most renowned mobile phone that is going to release next year. The benefit of droid DNA is that it will be loaded with the court could processor. And above all it will be working on for 4G LTE network.)

    Many region of world there is no 4G connection. Many mobile phones are going to feature high-speed network connectivity. Along with this many are expecting to get Android 5.0. The key feature of android will be better interface, high-performance and much better usage. There are a number of branded companies which are planning to release best mobile in competition to iPhone.

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    Re: Best upcoming Android Smartphones in year 2013

    I'm sure that in the New Year Samsung Galaxy is going to release some kind of a new mobile phone with much better interface such as Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3.

    If you talk about the budget phone along with midrange phone Samsung Galaxy remains on the top of list. Many are expecting to get much better hardware in the upcoming version of Samsung Galaxy A4. The phone is not going to release soon but we can expect the release date in the mid-year. Also Samsung is growing to increase the size of screen and surely it is going to use a new version of android.

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    Nov 2011

    Re: Best upcoming Android Smartphones in year 2013

    Have you checked the detail about Nexus 4? This will be the one of most anticipating phone. First of all people are expecting a much cheaper price compared to existing smart phone when the market. In many mobile phones we get identical features but due to price difference we are not able to get the right choice. Right now in the sphere and rode 4.1 is one of the best operating system with the smart interface. When compared to that still IOS is struggling to make away in the market of branded product.

    So in the coming year a number of people are expecting multiple processors mobile phone with high-definition quality.

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    Re: Best upcoming Android Smartphones in year 2013

    There are number of models which are tending to release. Some of them are HTC M7, H TC Evo and some model under the windows category. We had already seen Nokia is not behind the league. It is also striving hard to give some of the best durable model of smart phone. Right now many network providers are planning to release devices that work on 4G.

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