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Thread: Enjoy unlimited Facebook Messenger for Rs.16 on Reliance

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    Enjoy unlimited Facebook Messenger for Rs.16 on Reliance

    Reliance is going to release a new plan Facebook messenger. The price of the plan will be Rs.16 only. This new plan to launch for prepaid user only. To use the plan you will require an active gprs connection. I tried to find out more information on the same on Reliance website but there is nothing listed on it. It is not cleared that the plan will be provided in all regions or in some specific regions only.

    The charge of this plan is termed as Rs.16 per month only. But you are not allowed to access any other WebPages or other chat messenger. It works for facebook messenger only.

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    Dec 2012

    Re: Enjoy unlimited Facebook Messenger for Rs.16 on Reliance

    Are you sure that you are talking about Rs.16 per month not per day ?

    I think you had not got the right information. It is not provided on the official site of Reliance also. I am using a Android phone with me and it has facebook messenger in it. I had recharged the phone with Rs.16 top up and it is not working. I am not having the monthly gprs pack also. I think if reliance is offering a chat option for Rs.16 then it must work without gprs data pack. I am doubtful this will be for prepaid users. Reliance is not going to offer such cheap plan for prepaid; this is definitely for postpaid people.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: Enjoy unlimited Facebook Messenger for Rs.16 on Reliance

    I think compared a GPRS plan is much better. You just have to pay once in month and you're getting a free Internet usage for the entire 30 days. This new plan will only allowed using Facebook messenger. So you are able to chat with your facebook friends only.

    A majority of my friends are on whatsapp messenger. So to some extent this plan is a waste of money. And it is only limited to Reliance subscribers only. There is one good good news the plan is available for Reliance prepaid user also. So if you're willing to buy these will have to find out the special top up recharge.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Enjoy unlimited Facebook Messenger for Rs.16 on Reliance

    Facebook messenger is available for android, blackberry and other platform. So this is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends. The plan is good and at a reasonable price. But it is better that you go for a entire internet pack which is available. There is a number of different recharge that is available based on the Internet package. You can buy as per your need. I will also recommend not going for a limited plan. This facebook messenger plan can be good add-on for your existing connection. It is necessary that you check out the type of recharge option available and then go for the same.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Enjoy unlimited Facebook Messenger for Rs.16 on Reliance

    I am looking for them but the plan that can allow me to use unlimited Internet on my existing devices. Right now using a 3G network is more costly compared to the regular GPRS plan. I bought a 3G USB Dongle, on which I had connected the SIM of Reliance and sharing the same Internet on number of portable devices. But the speed is not as good as expected.

    It is a bit annoying to share a regular network Internet package among different devices. So I am planning to buy a broadband Internet and a router that can help me to create a portable wife hotspot. While this kind of plan our basically for mobile phone only.

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