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Thread: Download Android 4.1.2 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, get few new features

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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2012

    Download Android 4.1.2 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, get few new features

    If you had not yet checked the new OTA update for Galaxy Note 2 then you must go in Settings > About and click on check for updates. By default this new update is provided on Galaxy Note 2 mobile that gives you a updated edition of Android OS. After downloading a 262MB OTA Update the new version of Android is 4.1.2.

    There are new additions. Performance wise I did not found anything helpful in that. I thought the update will give us benefit in fixing the phone lag issue which appears most of the time on home screen. But it has given some benefit to the default internet browser. Surfing is smoother. We cannot expect this update helping your internal applications or games. It is a good update with new features that allow you to customize the notification panel and even use the volume key for clicking picture.

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    Oct 2012

    Re: Download Android 4.1.2 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, get few new features

    It took long time to update on my phone. I am on a 2G network. When I got the notification I thought it would be some kind of essential firmware upgrade. But the actual size was displayed a few minutes after. It is not a matter of shock to find such a large size update on Galaxy Note 2, Each time with new addition Samsung sends a large update which has the same OS but some added features. There must be some way which can show us a chance to get only particular things that are needed. This saves a lot of time. Those how are wifi it is a benefit but for on 2G network this looks to be more time consuming.

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    Aug 2012

    Re: Download Android 4.1.2 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, get few new features

    All updates are good for the smartphone. This is the best part of Samsung. They created a awesome device and along with that they keep on offering a set of updates that can fix the phone problem. You never know which thing can create what issue and it will be annoying later on.

    I want to ask one thing. Samsung must give some kind of direct download on its official website. So for those who are on slow internet network can download it and install the same in their phone. There must not be compulsion of downloading it from the web only. That will make job much easier.

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    Jan 2012

    Re: Download Android 4.1.2 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, get few new features

    There can be number of reason behind it.

    First of all you must be happy to find that Samsung is giving you updates that fix numerous problems. We do not rely on Android only to get fixes. I had seen a number of smartphone once sold never gets any update and if you are dealing with some problem it is constant. This new update adds some cool stuff like ink effect, settings to customize the notification panel, camera key, etc. It looks there is some battery improvement also. I am a hardcore gamer and I have downloaded many games. Compare to old OS the new has more better battery performance. It is recommended to keep some features turn off.

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