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Thread: How to get High Transfer Speed from PC to Removable Drive - Review

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    Respected Members TD Tech's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

    How to get High Transfer Speed from PC to Removable Drive - Review

    We all are surrounded by technology. Data Storage has become so common today that we get a tiny media which is near to the size of our teeth (micro sd card) to copy multi-media files. But we are all annoyed with slow transfer speed and this is commonly found in Windows. Many will say that USB 3.0 is a high speed data transfer platform and USB 2.0 is outdated due to which you get high wait time. That is not correct.

    USB 2.0 is still one of the most common interface available on web and it will take some time or may be years that USB 2.0 will be replaced completely by USB 3.0. That does not means you will need to struggle with high wait time. Wait time here means the time that is consume by device to accept data. If you move a 1GB file n Windows 7 it will take around 5 to 10 minutes easily. And if your interface is much slower then more time will be consumed. But still in your existing platform you can expect to have a high data transfer speed. Compared to Windows, if you test the same data transfer speed on Ubuntu you can expect to get around 5mb/s at lowest possible performance or hardware.

    Transfer speed can be improved by using a more accurate program which his capable of giving point to point constant transfer connectivity. The process is carried out by a internal file manager utility. And that utility entirely depends on the OS architecture. I will here list you some of the best third party file transfer platform which are capable of giving you high speed data transfer power. There is no need to upgrade your hardware, nor you need to change your os. Just check out below and use the best you want.

    1. TeraCopy :

    TerCopy is my favorite. It is one of the best file transfer tool I had see and it really works in very nice way. No need to run it while transferring file Just install it and hit Ctrl + P, TeraCopy will start working. It boost the data transfer need and is best recommended to transfer file over a network. Also it does better on the basis of your hard drive performance. The software comes with a designed which has a single motive of increasing transfer speed only. And if you are copying multiple files and there is a corrupt or damage file in between TeraCopy does not stops. It moves the files to the end and continue with other proper file and in the last you can see a log where corrupt files are listed. It is one of most easiest software available on web.

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    Respected Members TD Tech's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

    Re: How to get High Transfer Speed from PC to Removable Drive - Review

    2. Fast Copy

    This software reminds me about windows 98. A very decent software with ability to keep your transfer rati at edge. It works flawlessly and offers you a better transfer rate compared to regular windows copy manager. The tool has a bit outdated design but very helpful for older computer. In this you have to define the source and destination location. You can just pull the date from one side and put it on the other side. It also has a similar interface like TeraCopy.

    You just have to choose the source file and the location and then click on Start Copying. This tool comes in the super tool category list. I had used this but I am not happy with the interface. I found it easy but still it looks the software has sometime missing. The software gives a glimpse of serious programmer type tool. But somehow it is beneficial. The software does not launches on its own. You can use it to move heavy files from one place to other.

    3. Super Copier

    Now this is a big guy. A bigger software with for copying bigger files. It reminds me about ftp tools. The software has a dedicated pause and skip button. The developer did some additions to the interface. I had tested this software on copying around 32GB file from a network location. It offers a constant transfer ratio.

    There is nothing to worry about losing file transfer. Compared to FTP is fast more easier. You can just need to drag the files and done. It is good tool for those who want to leave copy for house. A good solution for backup also. I will not term this as advance, but a beneficial software for network admins.

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    Respected Members TD Tech's Avatar
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    Nov 2011

    Re: How to get High Transfer Speed from PC to Removable Drive - Review

    I had only listed some of the best software. It is recommended that you stick with one of them. TeraCopy is good for beginners and for advance users Super Copier is better. All of these software are free and easy to use. You can download them easily from the internet and use them instantly.

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    Nov 2013

    Re: How to get High Transfer Speed from PC to Removable Drive - Review

    Any good speed copying for windows8

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