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Thread: How can i turn Off respawn time in Call Of Duty

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    How can i turn Off respawn time in Call Of Duty

    I know the game is pretty old now but i just started playing the same. It is Call of Duty Modern warfare bought long ago at the time of its released, now was able to install it any how. This is the first ever COD game am playing and i can see its one of the best multiplayer i have played. Anyway, the only worst thing i found in this game is its Respawn Timer. Every time i need to wait 10 seconds after getting killed and i really hate it more than i loved playing the game.

    I tried to find out turn off this annoying timer but seems like there is no way in the settings. Do you guys also played COD with the spawm timer On? Or is there anyone who successfully disabled the same? If yes, please help me to get rid of the same too. All helps will be appreciated. Please reply soon.

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    Re: How can i turn Off respawn time in Call Of Duty

    I had played the game almost a year ago and was also frustrated with the spawn timer. I tried searching a lot to get rid of the same but dint found anything working. I kept on playing and searching but never i found a solution though i finished the game. So i dont think there is any way we can stop this respawn time in Call of Duty. :

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    Re: How can i turn Off respawn time in Call Of Duty

    Nope, you are wrong dude. Gamers have found the way to kill this respawn time, infact they already applied it other wise COD wouldn't have been so hit. There use to be a config file somewhere in the COD main folder. By editing the file you just need to change the scr_war_playerrespawndelay value to the number of seconds you want to keep the respawn time. Thats it.

    If you are playing the game on someone else server than you may find difficulty because the config file depends on the guy who has the server.

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    Re: How can i turn Off respawn time in Call Of Duty

    Thats absolutely correct "gone", this is how exactly we can get rid of the spawn timer. Here are the settings i have done in my config file of the game:

    • set scr_war_scorelimit 0
    • set scr_war_timelimit 25
    • set scr_war_roundlimit 1
    • set scr_war_numlives 0
    • set scr_war_playerrespawndelay 2
    • set scr_war_waverespawndelay 0

    Hope this will help you guys understand better what to keep.

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