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Thread: Need XCOM Enemy Unknown savegame download for PC

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    Oct 2012

    Need XCOM Enemy Unknown savegame download for PC

    Hello Friends, i just joined here to say thank you because found some save games direct download urls, even without registration. Not like others where first we need to complete a stupid survey for about an hour before we can actually get to the file. Anyways, i need a bit help as well regarding the game am playing now a days, XCOM Enemy Unknown. The games seems to be very interesting so far and am really enjoyin it.

    Now as am not a professional or frequent gamer, i want to keep a Savegame file for this game in advance because i have just 2 days to complete this game. Day after tomorrow i have to leave the city for some official work. As am facing some difficulties in XCOM Enemy Unknown, i dont want to waste my time getting stuck somewhere.

    So i request if anyone is having saves for this game, please give me the download URL so that i can use it if got stuck somewhere during the gameplay and continue the game. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Need XCOM Enemy Unknown savegame download for PC

    I dont think the gameplay is so hard for XCOM Enemy Unknown. I played the game for about 45 minutes on PS3 but dint faced any such thing. As far as save game is concerned, the game is just launched and i guess people are yet playing. You may need to wait for some more days until any one of our gamers post their Saves here.

    So, you should enjoy the game till then.

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    Re: Need XCOM Enemy Unknown savegame download for PC

    Well it seems like people are busy playing some other game, probably Dishonored like me, i am a great fan of bathesda hence busy with Dishonored. But as you have asked for the XCOM Enemy Unknown saves, i found one here but they are not like this site where you can download the save games directly from the attachment for free. They need some kind of membership amount to provide you the save. Hope someone from us may upload the save games here that will help many other users as well.

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    Re: Need XCOM Enemy Unknown savegame download for PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Name View Post
    Hope someone from us may upload the save games here that will help many other users as well.
    Hey guys, sorry i forgot to post the save games here. Today when i got the notification about this thread, I went to my save game directory to get the saves and post here but DAMN, there seems to be some problem. First I thought to check the save files before attaching it here but when am trying to load the saves on my game, I get the following error “Some save games were not displayed because they were created in another language” and there is no file to load.

    How is it possible, I mean, my game is English version and they working fine until day before yesterday when I finished the game. And now when I went to check the, getting the error. Do you guys have any idea regarding this ? Please help.

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    Re: Need XCOM Enemy Unknown savegame download for PC

    I am well aware of this problem as already faced it myself. Are you forgetting something Rex? Was you system crashed in these 2 days or pc got shutdown unexpected? In my case the problem raised after I faced a crash while playing XCOM. I guess you might have faces any such thing that corrupted the save files. Unfortunately I haven’t able to get any way for recovering those saves.

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