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Thread: Apple iPhone 5 available for Rs. 54,990 in India, is it worth?

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    Apple iPhone 5 available for Rs. 54,990 in India, is it worth?

    You can now order iPhone 5 online in India also. The price is too high, but for iPhone lover this price will be nothing. iPhone 5 has launched up with new cool features and output. There is a bigger screen, better design and a better model resulted great success in market.

    I thought Apple is planning to give a lower price device this time, making it a successful device. I am quiet not happy with the price. They are selling it for Rs.54,990 online that is pretty high compared to other smart devices liked Note 2.

    What you guys think, is it worth for that price ?

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    Re: Apple iPhone 5 available for Rs. 54,990 in India, is it worth?

    I saw the same. rediff shopping is selling the unlocked device for the price you mentioned. It is a 16GB phone. While the same on Tradus is 59,900. They are charging higher. The 32 GB edition is around Rs.73599 and 64GB is around 86699. I do not understand why Apple is selling so costly devices and people are buying the same blindly. It has become a trend to own iPhone among people. While the re-sale value of older device stinks.

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    Re: Apple iPhone 5 available for Rs. 54,990 in India, is it worth?

    It is people's choice. I was too wondering that this time Apple might give an price relief. But they had hiked the price to more extent making it impossible to buy for an average person.

    In US it is better to buy in contract with AT&T or other telecom company, but for region outside US where unlocked model are sold, people have to pay huge amount on it.

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    Re: Apple iPhone 5 available for Rs. 54,990 in India, is it worth?

    Off course it is worth because iPhone has always remained costly device. Compared to devices that we are having with us, it is a far different thing. And people are crazy enough to buy it. I had seen many reviews no it which has given a positive feedback. I am not sure about the sales in India. The phone is sold for the price almost you can buy a high end laptop.

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